Jun 122007

Haven’t really put anything on films here yet. I am a film lover, though due to the constraints of the job I do, and having very little in terms of memory, I wouldn’t call myself a film buff. I started the Film Society at my company a couple of years ago, and have learned quite a few interesting things from the experience, which I hope to get on here. In the meantime, tonight was a major sponsored film night, for which the Film Society nominated Cinema Paradiso to be screened, which was chosen by my firm’s employees (over 1,000 votes cast apparently)! Our contribution in nominating three of the options including the winning one was noted in the Times (even if it was only in passing before spending the rest of the article slating Eragon).

Unfortunately due to the aforementioned work commitments, I have spent my evening firmly inside the office, and thus missed the screening…

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