Jun 242007

Having trouble with sending emails (registration emails, password resets on forgotten passwords etc) from your wordpress blog?

This is a tough one – the first solution I saw was to use WP-PHPMailer from Coffee 2 Code. However this left me with a “Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to smtp.mail.yahoo.com:25 in /home/www/james-scott.co.uk/…/plugins/wp-phpmailer/class.smtp.php on line 105″.

First I thought I could switch to Gmail – I tested it with Outlook, and it worked but only with SSL enabled. One of the things it helped with though was that it let me know I should change the port to 465 (secure port) but then I got “The e-mail could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function…” error.

The issue is that even after you have this plugin set up, you then need to find a compatible SMTP server. And unfortunately this plugin doesn’t seem to work with SSL/TSL (which is required for most webmail SMTP servers, e.g. Yahoo!, Googlemail/Gmail etc). So what’s the solution? Use ShiftThis | Swift SMTP instead – with this one you can use SSL/TSL with your Gmail SMTP server (smtp.gmail.com) with the login details from your mail account.

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