Jul 052007

An old friend has put together a pretty amusing series of comics. I am not sure how broad the audience is for these, but they’re pretty good if you’re a geek! http://www.f8d.org/ – highly recommended.

God knows where he finds the time to do these – one every day apparently!

One of my favourites

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  5 Responses to “Geeky web comic”

  1. you’re right, it is awesome. come on my friend, where is the dedication to humour? (one can always make time )

    p.s. could WordPress be the ONLY website which has case-sensitive usernames?

  2. ok, i don’t like wordpress. I thought I submitted a comment but it doesn’t tell me whether
    it did or whether it has gone to you for approval.

    anyway, you’re right it is pretty brilliant.

    as for finding time, think it is true dedication to humour!

    p.s. could wordpress be the only website which has case-sensitive usernames?

  3. I love wordpress, but I’ve been to busy/lazy to actually check the site for a while, and it doesn’t tell me that there are comments waiting unless I check. I’d switch off moderation, but I don’t trust the world enough to assume I won’t be buried under a deluge of spam if I do so. Therefore, Mr Dalal, if you wait long enough I will approve your comments, but I’m just a bit slow off the mark. It’s not WordPress’s fault, it’s mine – sorry! Also, I’ll try to make sure a while means within a week rather than a month in future.

  4. UPDATE: Apparently f8d is pronounced ‘fated’

  5. I haven’t worked out whether or not the puzzles are real, but I’m just a little bit concerned they might not be – I would advise not spending too much time on them

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