Aug 022007

Fantastic – off to Canada tomorrow. One week will be in/around Toronto/Peterborough (I’m actually not sure exactly where – it’s my grandparents’ cottage that we used to visit by the lake, but I’m not sure where it actually is given how young I was when we last visited), where we will mostly be staying on an island in the lake (there is a cottage on the island, but it has been untended for many years, so were expecting to be effectively camping EDIT: pictures here). Unfortunately based on my fuzzy memories of last time, the mosquitos have probably (through the generations) been looking forward to this almost as much as I have.

The next week will be a mining town in the middle of nowhere, 200m North of Toronto. This is where I was born, and where most of my father’s family still resides. It is somewhat greener now, I’m told, but it has always historically been (in)famous for being a pile of rock, and not much else.

Then after all that I’m training for a week in Oxford before taking a long weekend in Newquay to try the handmade surfboard (we actually were given the opportunity to watch the guy make it) my dad gave me for my 21st. It’s 3 years old, and I haven’t even used it yet… so I’m seriously keen to try it!

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