Aug 032007

Darn it – unless you can describe them as ‘sporting equipment’, it looks like lockpicks are illegal in Canada. Guns are of course legal (with the appropriate licence) for sporting purposes,
but I guess people just don’t see lockpicking as a sport yet… I was very much looking forward to sitting on an island with my newly acquired lockpicks and the various locks I have bought, and spending hours attempting to open them. Not sure why it’s so appealing, but it is. Oh well, I’ve got a few books to read. Poor substitute, but will have to do.

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  3 Responses to “Lock picks”

  1. Hmmm lock-picking ? completely normal. no, really. no need to think you’re weird at all.

    the island sounds fantastic. I don’t know if you are much of a picture person but do try to take photos …

    p.s. hate to be picky but I think the wordpress layout is messed up – part of the comments column is hidden by he right sidebar

  2. I think that’s just your browser – what browser are you using? Something broken like IE? : )
    Wordpress is designed to be standards compliant (W3C etc) rather than Internet Explorer compliant.

  3. Hope you like the pictures

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