Hi – I’m James Scott.

This is my website, and I hope there is something here that is useful/interesting to you.

If you want to contact me but you do not wish to post a comment on a relevant page or article, I can be reached on the ‘Contact me’ page

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  4 Responses to “About”

  1. Dude, where is the important advice on this website, e.g.
    – how to deal with a Beetz?
    – how to survive 2 years with Monica?
    – how to enjoy taking insult from JSR?

  2. – There is very little you can do to deal with a Beetasaur unfortunately. It’s more just a case of going with the flow, and just stepping in quickly and brutally whenever he’s about to cross a serious line
    – No idea. I was in a state of severe sleep deprivation for most of my 2.5 years in capital goods, and now it’s all a bit of a daze
    – JSR? What’s his middle name? Stephen? Samuel? I can’t help enjoying his insults, it just comes naturally. He’s so ridiculous about it all

    I should put up some pictures of folks so that people can see who everyone is. 

  3. “S” stands for Scott-squasher. Very simple. Why the hell did I just have to logon to earn the privilege of scrawling offensive nonsense on your ridiculous website? You should tell everyone about your site. I’m wistfully considering what might have been had I known earlier about this additional dimension through which to torment you. My only consolation is that I have been diligent on all other fronts. Post pictures, but none from Mahiki. They’re simply embarrassing.

  4. Hope you like the pictures so far – none from Mahiki, maybe those will be up next as I would like to be able to show people who everyone is.

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