Sep 052007

I’m not normally a big fan of on air TV (i.e. I usually just get a specific series I like on DVD), however while musing over ICQ’s newfound popularity in Russia, I became captivated by this new show – Outnumbered (Tuesday night, 10:35pm, BBC1). It is a frighteningly realistic, low-key comdedy about a house full of kids. Ranging from perpetual insult matches, through impossible questions, to the odd half-hearted fight (mixed in with irrelevant arguments), the children largely steal the stage. The Telegraph (see the bottom half of the review) summed it up well:

“All of this feels both carefully observed and suspiciously heartfelt. More unusually, it’s not contrived. Outnumbered sticks firmly with the mundane, yet manages to be funny about it.”


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