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First of all, I do not take responsibility for the contents of this database - I have done my best from forums, wikipedia etc, but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information here. If you go and buy games based on this info, you do so at your own risk.

These are social (offline) co-op games only, i.e. if you have to be connected to the net to play co-op, the game should not be on this list. The purpose of this list is to reflect games that you can play with your friend(s) in your livingroom.

If it is possible to play offline co-op but also online co-op (maybe with more players at once than in offline co-op mode) or system-link, this is shown in the relevant column.

Please feedback any comments on the list to the email address on my CV (found in the interviews section of my website) - I appreciate all input on all games on any platform, although currently I am only reflecting input for Xbox/360/PS2/PS3/Gamecube and to a lesser extent the Wii and the PC (the current PC info just reflects whether or not there is a PC version of a game that is co-op on one of the other platforms, not whether or not it is co-op offline).

'Co-op on all' indicates whether the game is co-op on all of the platforms on which it is available, with the exception of the PC and Other platforms (about which I generally do not have any information).

2 Player/4 Player offline reflects how many players can play together offline not connected to the internet (i.e. WITHOUT connecting to Playstation Network/Xbox LIVE etc).

Splitscreen reflects whether or not a game splits the screen when played - there are many games which can be played cooperatively offline without cutting the screen in half, although most first person shooter-type games need to split it.

* indicates that comments should be read
+ indicates forward compatibility (with Xbox 360 if shown in Xbox column, or with 20/60/80GB PS3 if shown in PS2 column - note that the PS3 40GB is NOT backward compatible)
indicates that I do not yet have any information please help me fill it in!

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