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James Scott’s local (offline) cooperative games database can be found here

Cooperative gaming is multiplayer gaming where the players work together to achieve some goals. It’s better than single player gaming because it’s always more fun to play with real people, but it’s also better than competitive multiplayer gaming (where the players play against each other) because everyone comes out happy at the end as no-one is a looser (or everyone is a looser).

Offiline cooperative gaming is better still, because the gamers are all in the same place, which makes it even more of a fun, highly interactive social activity.

Because of this, and because I hadn’t found another good, comprehensive source of information cataloging these games, I have spent a great deal of time looking for cooperative games for my friends and family to play together. Games do not very often advertise the modes in which they can be played in detail (often they just say whether they are multiplayer and how many players can play, with the exception of the Xbox360 which does give some detail on the physical boxes for the games at least) so to collect this info I have had to resort to online forums, wikipedia and other miscellaneous websites.

I hope this is helpful, although note that the information I have gathered is pretty unreliable unfortunately given that there is no central resource for this. Please do help me by sending me an email (address on my CV which can be found elsewhere on this site) or by posting a comment below.

Interesting Eurogamer article on 3d games conversion, describing how the split-screen mode of games is used to create a 3d mode here.
“First of all we took our split-screen mode… effectively, 3D is very much like making a split-screen game,” Benson reveals. “It’s two views in one world, so let’s just put the two cameras on the one player.”

Split-screen modes work by lowering detail levels so the engine can effectively deliver two game instances running simultaneously from the one console. Even with the scaled-back image, it’s a big technical challenge and it’s the reason why so few games run with split-screen modes in the current console era.

“Our geometry was already fine and we had lower resolution/lower fidelity models that would render at 30Hz for the split-screen mode, so we started with that,” Benson continues.”

One would infer based on this that the reason so few games are given good split screen modes (in particular, 4 player split screen) is hardware requirements – perhaps as 3d modes become more prevalent in future releases, it would be easier to make cooperative split-screen modes for games also?

Article that dramatically claims that “Split screen co-op is dying” – not sure this is true (even recent blockbusters CoD 5 had split screen co-op campaign, and CoD: Black Ops has split screen online co-op) as you can see in the comments below the article, but an interesting read:

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  1. […] have finally added my cooperative games database, which lists offline (local as opposed to online) cooperative games where players can play together […]

  2. you are missing a ton of games on your site. Off the top of my head I know Earth Defense Force 2017 is local coop on xbox 360. Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal is too. Is this updated regularly?

  3. James – appreciate the suggestions – in answer to your question, the database is by no means complete, but is updated from time to time with any new information I am given, and I appreciate all suggestions.

    As and when I can collect together enough information to add a game to the database (e.g. in addition to the above it would be very useful to know the number of simultaneous local co-op players and whether or not each of them is splitscreen) it will be added.


    James S

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  5. You forgot Tony Hawk’s Pro skater 1,2,3 and 4

  6. very nice compilation of co-op games.. r u going to update this soon? thx

  7. Great database, almost unique.
    Thanks a lot!

  8. clint :

    You forgot Tony Hawk’s Pro skater 1,2,3 and 4

    Please let me know the details (splitscreen, number of co-op players etc – just look at the columns I have to fill in for the database, and that’s the info I need) and I will add them



  9. dcdindo :

    very nice compilation of co-op games.. r u going to update this soon? thx

    I’m actually working on something to let people submit games themselves so hopefully people will be interested in this – let me know your thoughts. Also, in the meantime if there’s a game you have in mind let me know the details and I’ll add it

  10. Big thanks a lot for this database!
    This is really useful info, and your work is much appreciated as indeed the coop-info is normally not advertised and can not be easily compiled
    – Michael

  11. hey james what is your opinion on great co op games for the ps3 i already have the army of two games and i need more suggestions

  12. Off of the top of my head, great co-op games for the PS3 are

    The guitar games (Guitar Hero and Band Hero series),
    CoD 5 (“Call of duty: world at war” which includes special missions which are kind of a campaign plus the zombies sub game which are co-op. Note that CoD: Black Ops does not have a splitscreen / offline co-op campaign),
    Little Big Planet (and soon LBP 2).

    There’s also Resistance: Fall of Man and the sequel which I believe are both coop but I haven’t really played them, and Kane and Lynch.

    Based on the comments above, it looks like the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series is also co-op, but again I haven’t played this.


  13. Nice to see a bit of altruism mate, ignore the ingrates, thanks for the resource…. very helpful in determining good games for me to play with my 3 year old son!

  14. Erm hello, did someone just totally forget borderlands for the ps3, awesome game, amazing co-op gameplay?

  15. Amazing uve obiouslly spent alot of time and effort doing this so fair play! its been so usefull AND i wont be one of the fucking geeks that will remind u what u may have remembered and what u havnt! Thanks! good job¬!

  16. You could add Borderlands to the list, it has 2 players splitscreen offline, 4 players online, and it is possible to do the entire campaign in co op mod

  17. You could also have a look at for updating your database. They are pretty accurate most of the time.

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