2) LCD


LCD TVs are apparently winning the war with plasma screens. LCDs are supposed to deliver a very clear picture, and be more resiliant than plasmas over time (plasmas have a half-life in terms of brightness of a few years, depending on usage).

LCDs also have a low power footprint relative to plasmas. Why, then, would one not choose an LCD?

The answer is simple, if you want a (very) big screen at least – the cost grows very sharply as screen size rises above 40-50 inches (diagonal), and by the time you reach 60+ inches, (at time of writing at least), you are at the point where you’re deciding whether to get a bigger LCD screen or a new car.

If you’re looking for a ‘small’ 30-40 inch screen or a ‘medium’ 40-50 inch screen, then maybe LCD is for you.

For me, however, it has got to be more than 60 inches. Preferrably a lot more.

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