3) Installing security auditing tools


I am told (and I believe much of what I’m told) that the current best set of tools for Wifi security auditing is the Aircrack suite. If you want to use something else, be my guest, but I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with other tools.To get Aircrack this you can have Knoppix download it automatically, by typing ‘apt-get update’ followed by ‘apt-get install aircrack’ however this will download an old version of the software. To get the latest most advanced version, go to www.aircrack-ng.org or for the latest version of the original software by Christopher Devine see www.freshmeat.net/projects/aircrack/ or www.wirelessdefence.org/Contents/AircrackMain.htm

I would recommend you do use the apt-get method to get the old version of Aircrack to set up all of the dependancies for the other versions to use. Then download one or more of the newer versions and install them too as follows:

Download them to the desktop or home directory (if you download to the desktop, move them to your home directory which can be opened by clicking on the house icon),

Right click on the file and choose Extract -> Extract Here,

Switch to the command line (click the ‘little computer with the black screen’ icon) and change to the place you decompressed them to (type ‘cd ‘ followed by the path to which you decompresed them, e.g. ‘cd /home/user/’ or ‘cd /home/user/.desktop/’ assuming you’re logged in as ‘user’)

Enter the directory created when you decompressed them (type ‘cd ./’ followed by the name of the directory created when you decompressed them, e.g. ‘cd ./aircrack2.4.1′ or ‘cd ./aircrack-ng0.7′)

Then compile them and do the install. To do this, type ‘make’ – if there are failed dependancies (i.e. missing packages), use ‘apt-get install packagename’ to fix them. If not, type ‘make install’ (you need to be logged in as root for this – type ‘su’ and enter your root password when prompted to log in as root). As long as you’re logged in as root, the package should then be installed, and you’re all set.

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